Report: Konami To Pick Up Brash’s Saw

Konami has moved in to save Brash Entertainment’s video game adaption of movie series Saw, with online reports suggesting that license holder Lionsgate had also considered self-publishing the game.
Konami has moved in to save Brash Entertainment’s video game adaption of movie series Saw, according to the latest online reports. Quoting "sources close to the project", Hollywood trade paper Variety suggests that Konami has signed deals with both movie rights holder Lionsgate and developer Zombie Studios. The move comes following the collapse of original publisher Brash Entertainment. The Variety article also suggests that Lionsgate itself had strongly considered publishing the game, as a proposed first step into the games industry. Apparently, however, the film studio decided against the move, as it lacked the experience and knowledge either to correctly model sales or to market video games. The new game will be released alongside the sixth entry in the movie franchise this autumn and features the voice of series regular Tobin Bell, as villain Jigsaw. Due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the game has never been previewed in public, but Variety suggests it will receive a M for Mature rating and be "just as hard as the movies’ R."

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