Report: CTF Pioneer Threewave Software Lays Off, Reorganizes

Vancouver developer Threewave -- behind the original Capture the Flag mod for Quake -- has let go much of its staff due to a dearth of projects, Gamasutra has learned. [UPDATE: Comments from Threewave CEO added.]
Threewave Software, the Vancouver-based studio whose name dates back to the original Capture the Flag mod for id Software's Quake, let go of some of its staff due to a dearth of projects, Gamasutra has learned. The news was first made public in a Twitter post by Josh Smillie, who wrote, "The Threewave Vancouver studio has shut down due to no new contracts. RIP CTF gods." Gamasutra confirmed the news with its own sources close to the studio, and was told that company laid off its workforce within the last couple of days, and has essentially closed its doors. We subsequently received a statement from Threewave CEO Dan Irish, however, who claimed "some, not all" of the company's staff was let go, as Threewave enters a "reorganization phase." "We are trying [to] move forward in a manner that reflects today's reality," Irish explained in an email. Threewave Software can be traced back to Threewave CTF, the incredibly widespread Capture the Flag Quake mod first released in 1996 by David "Zoid" Kirsch, who went on to work for id Software itself, followed by Retro Studios and most recently Valve Software. While not technically the first implementation of CTF in a shooter, Threewave CTF was indisputably the game that popularized the mode, leading to its industry-standard status in multiplayer gaming. Over time, the group who maintained the Threewave name released mods for further Quake releases and eventually became an independently-operating game developer specializing in multiplayer contract work for numerous games. Threewave's work was found in titles like Soldier of Fortune II, Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy, Army of Two, and most recently Ghostbusters: The Video Game. In 2006, the studio scaled up its staff considerably with the intention of producing bigger in-house properties and Xbox Live Arcade games, but those projects have yet to publicly come to fruition. Irish's full emailed statement reads as follows: "Your information is not quite accurate. We're entering a reorganization phase. "Some, not all of our employees were given notices. We are trying to move forward in a manner that reflects today's realities." Gamasutra is seeking to obtain further details from Irish on the matter in the near future.

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