Reno Students Developing Training Sim For Navy

A report by the Reno Gazette-Journal indicates that engineering and compu...
A report by the Reno Gazette-Journal indicates that engineering and computer science students from the University of Nevada, Reno are developing software for the United States Navy to use in training simulations. The software itself is being engineered as artificial intelligence to control a large number (100-200) of ships within the San Diego Bay, where Navy ship captains and officers will be trained within a realistic environment. The team of three professors and six graduate students have been developing the technology for more than two years for the project, which according to the report is nearly halfway completed. To date the Navy has invested approximately $2 million on the development of the software, and is pleased with the speed at which the project has taken shape. Lt. Ryan Aleson, the computer simulations officer at the Navy's Surface Warfare Officers School in Newport, R.I. commented in the RGJ report: "I've never seen software developed this effectively so quickly. This team puts a lot of contractors to shame."

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