Reminder: Game Developer Research Calls For Outsourcing Feedback

Gamasutra sister service Game Developer Research is conducting its Outsourcing Research survey, with a Monday deadline and a $1,600 GDC 2009 All Access Pass up for grabs.
Gamasutra sister service Game Developer Research is conducting its Outsourcing Research survey, aimed at all game developers whose studios conduct outsourcing or are considering it. Highlights of this anonymous survey will be published in an upcoming issue of Game Developer magazine and, as well as in much more detailed form as a Game Developer Research report. In appreciation of your time and effort, once you complete the survey, your name will optionally (and separately of your responses) be entered into a drawing to win an All Access Pass to Game Developers Conference 2009 in San Francisco. The survey addresses a broad range of topics related to the growing trend of outsourcing, including reasons for outsourcing, methods of studio selection, global outsourcing regions, types of content outsourced, and others. It is open to all developers whose studios have used outsourcing or are considering it. Interested participants can now click through to take part in the survey, upon completion of which they will be entered to win an All Access GDC 2009 pass.

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