Reiner Knizia Teams With Merscom For Casual Gaming Line

Publisher-distributor Merscom has announced a partnership with prolific board game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia to develop a new line of casual games based both on existing and as-yet-unpublished Knizia game concepts, to begin arriving on Xbox Live Arcade,
Publisher-distributor Merscom and board game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia have announced that Merscom will develop and publish multiple Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS and PC games based on Knizia's game concepts, using both existing and as-yet-unpublished board game designs. Knizia, a four-time winner of the German game prize among other distinctions, has published more than 400 games and books in numerous languages and countries, and nine of his games occupy spots on the USA Games 100. “I am delighted about this new co-operation,” said Dr. Reiner Knizia. “Merscom is the right partner in size and spirit, and I am convinced that this will bring a number of very exciting new games to the computer and video game market.” Knizia Games and Merscom will work together exclusively, and the companies expect to begin releasing new titles in early 2008. “We are unbelievably excited about this collaboration,” said Lloyd Melnick, chief customer officer of Merscom. “Over one year ago, Merscom identified board games as a source of great gameplay dynamics for computer and video games. After researching the board games ecosystem, we realized Reiner is the best living board game designer in the world and feel the opportunity to work with him will elevate casual gaming to a new level.”

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