Registration Filling For GAMES:EDU07 Conference

Organizers of GAMES:EDU have announced registration will soon be closed for its July 24th conference, focused on discussing the current and future educational needs for the game industry, and set to follow the forthcoming Develop Conference.
GAMES:EDU, the annual event which follows the Develop Conference, will take place on Tuesday, July 24 in Brighton, UK. Registration is rounding out over the next week. Dedicated to discussing the current and future education needs of the gaming community, GAMES:EDU is supported by Skillset, which works with both the industry and government to identify and tackle the skills and productivity needs of the audio visual industries throughout the UK. The conference serves as a forum to bring together the UK’s foremost educators from across all disciplines to connect directly with computer games developers and producers, to exchange ideas and perspectives. Senior staff from Skillset will share information on the accreditation scheme and the support package available to those university courses that have been successful in their accreditation. This year there will also be a showcase of work from students and staff from a number of the accredited courses. The games industry sees accreditation as the best means of enhancing provision of education in this sector by identifying, signposting and supporting higher education courses throughout the UK that provide the skills, knowledge and experience needed for individuals to confidently enter the computer games industry. For more information about GAMES:EDU, visit the official website.

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