Question Of The Year Discusses Best Games Of 2005

Ahead of the answers to our latest Question Of The Week on HD gaming, which will appear this Thu...
Ahead of the answers to our latest Question Of The Week on HD gaming, which will appear this Thursday, Gamasutra is launching a special 'Question Of The Year', dealing with game professionals' favorite games of 2005. This time, the individual best responses will be posted as standalone news pieces (crediting the person's name and company) every day until the New Year, and the question being asked is: "What are your favorite 3 video games of 2005, and why?" As before, users can either respond publically, with their name and company specifically cited, or anonymize their answers if they wish - however, anonymous responses to this question are less likely to be used, for obvious reasons. Anyone interested in answering this question should use the official Question Of The Week page until January 2, 2006. Respondents should ideally keep their answers under 500 words.

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