Qantm College Starts Melbourne Campus, Game Programs

Qantm College in Australia recently launched a new Melbourne campus that will begin offering two new bachelor degree programs for video game students.
Qantm College, an interactive media school in Australia, recently launched a new Melbourne campus that is now offering two new bachelor degree programs for video game students, one in applied multimedia and one in interactive entertainment. The college’s new degrees will qualify students to pursue careers in game development, animation, interactive media development, and graphic design. Within the bachelor of interactive entertainment degree, students can major in game programming; the program has students take classes not only in programming and game design, but also new media project management and business practices. Students at Qantm have access to industry leading lecturers and state-of-the-art equipment, with a curriculum emphasizing practical learning time. The school aims to align its graduates’ education and hands-on learning time with industry employment requirements to ensure their knowledge and skills are relevant in the job market. Qantm College is affiliated with SAE Institute, an audio engineering, animation and film institute, and Studios 301. For more information, visit

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