Q&A: Streamline CEO Fernandez On UT 3, Original IP Plans

With Amsterdam-based independent developer Streamline Studios announcing its creation of 3D content service solutions for Epic Games' upcoming Unreal Tournament 3, Gamasutra spoke with Streamline CEO Alexander Fernandez on the deal, as well as futu
Amsterdam-based independent developer Streamline Studios has announced that it will be creating 3D content service solutions for Epic Games' upcoming Unreal Tournament 3, expected to launch later this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Gamasutra caught up with Streamline CEO Alexander Fernandez to talk about the deal, the company's continuing relationship with Epic, and overall plans going forward. On The Unreal Tournament 3 Deal Discussing the UT3 deal, Fernandez noted: “We’re very experienced with Unreal and next-generation art production with multiple next-gen titles under our belt so far.” He spoke openly regarding the similarities and challenges in creating digital content for a title such as Gears of War compared to working on Unreal Tournament 3, commenting that: “As we work on larger-scale environments the level of complexity constantly increases.” Streamline has worked with Epic since creating the intro cinematic and ONS-Torlan map for UT 2004, and Fernandez commented: “Epic was in fact one of our first major customers dating back to when we were a handful of guys working out of our apartment. Jay Wilbur really gave us a hand up." Altogether, Unreal Tournament 3 makes the fifth title for next-gen platforms that Streamline has worked on, and according to Streamline's CEO, the work has proven itself to be a valuable learning experience. The 'IP Farming' Concept Fernandez discussed Streamline's plans going forward, noting the concept of “...collaborating with development partners in co-developments of our own IP. I can’t really reveal too much at this point but I can say that we are working on a concept called ‘IP farming’." The Streamline boss is suggesting that the idea will "...revolutionize game development the same way outsourcing, has by providing a new business model that encourages collaboration and experimentation between partner studios.” He continued: “Our plan shares the risk and leverages our combined creative strengths. We believe that IP farming and a network of distributed developers give indie studios a model to compete with the world’s largest publishers.” Further information on Streamline's concepts are not yet available.

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