PSP, PS3 Improve In Japanese Weekly Sales As PSP Go Falls

Nintendo consoles' sales slowed slightly in Japan this week, while Sony consoles improved -- all except the continually declining PSP Go. Still, Wii maintains the top-selling hardware slot.
In contrast to the fairly unchanging Japanese software sales this week, hardware sales saw a bit of a shakeup, as Nintendo consoles slowed while Sony consoles improved -- all except the ever-declining PSP Go. Still, despite a big sales dropoff from last week, Wii hung on to its top slot according according to tracking firm Media Create's Japanese sales data for the week that ended January 3, 2009. The Wii sold 163,855 units, only about 30,000 more than the second-place PSP, which was in turn sold about 20,000 more than PlayStation 3. That means Nintendo DSi ended up in fourth place, contrasting last week's runner-up position. Of course, when sales of all the various Nintendo DS models are combined, the platform ends up with 180,492 sales, putting it in the overall lead. PSP Go was the week's poorest performer. While Microsoft's Xbox 360, which also struggles in the Japanese market, slightly improved its sales. In addition Sony's aging PlayStation 2 did similarly, but its PSP Go dropped down below 4,000 weekly sales -- and slid into last place. Below are the full sales rankings from Media Create for the week that ended January 3, 2009.
LW TW Console Weekly Sales Last Week's Sales
1 1 Wii 163,855 215,129
4 2 PSP 132,911 105,801
3 3 PS3 114,368 110,519
2 4 DSi 92,461 113,984
5 5 DSi LL 70,643 81,430
6 6 DS Lite 17,388 17,695
7 7 Xbox 360 6,878 6,489
9 8 PS2 4,023 3,747
8 9 PSP Go 3,903 4,192
The following list combines models of the same base hardware to give a more general ranking:
LW TW Console Weekly Sales Last Week's Sales
2 1 Nintendo DS 180,492 213,109
1 2 Wii 163,855 215,129
4 3 PSP 136,814 109,993
3 4 PlayStation 3 114,368 110,519
5 5 Xbox 360 6,878 6,489
6 6 PlayStation 2 4,023 3,747

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