PSP Increases Dominance In Japanese Hardware Charts

The PSP has continued its dramatic turnaround in fortunes in Japan, with the launch of the standard versions of the PSP Slim and Lite seeing sales skyrocket to almost 278,000 units, while the other formats, including DS and Wii, continue to fall.
Market research firm Media Create has revealed data for weekly hardware sales in Japan for the week ending September 23rd, following details of the software top thirty. Sony has seen the PSP continue its sudden and dramatic turnaround in fortunes in Japan, with the launch of the standard versions of the PSP Slim and Lite. Last week a special Final Fantasy VII edition of the console was released, with a production run of just 77,777 units. This week the normal versions were launched, with overall sales for the format rising from 95,487 units last week to as much as 277,794. The downwards trend for Nintendo hardware continues to be just as dramatic, with Nintendo DS sales again falling, by over 9,000 units to a total of just 70,538 for the week. Meanwhile, Wii sales have continued to slip - down by over 1,000 units to 24,992. However, the PSP’s upturn in fortunes is not entirely straightforward, with only a fairly limited presence in the software top fifty of just eight titles – only three of which are in the top twenty-five. Overall the general trend for all formats over the last few weeks continues to be below average sales for both hardware and software. As such, PlayStation 2 sales have slipped by almost 2,000 units to 11,3737 and the PlayStation 3 by over 2,000 units to 10,732. The Xbox 360 has risen by a few hundred units to 1,687, while the Game Boy Advance family of consoles has fallen by over a half to 382 units and the GameCube is down to just 68 units.

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