PSN Gets PixelJunk Monsters, DMC 4 Demo

The latest update to Sony's PlayStation Network has added a variety of new content, including Q-Games' exclusive strategy title PixelJunk Monsters, a demo for Capcom's highly anticipated Devil May Cry 4, and a PSone port of Jet Moto 2
The latest update to Sony's PlayStation Network adds a variety of new content, including Q Entertainment's PixelJunk Monsters, a demo for Devil May Cry 4, and new track packs for both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band. In tower defense title PixelJunk Monsters, previously announced during the 2007 Holiday season, players defend their home base against monsters by building towers and casting lightning storms over the forest. Futuristic all-terrain racer Jet Moto 2, originally released for PSone in 1997, is also available for download, featuring 10 tracks that include obstacles like corkscrews, waterfalls and volcanoes. In addition to a demo for Capcom's Devil May Cry 4, which releases in full on February 5th, PSN is also offering a free demo for gladiator arena brawler The Club. The Guitar Hero III track pack includes Boston's Peace of Mind, Foreigner's Jukebox Hero, and Journey's Any Way You Want It, while an Oasis track pack becomes available for Rock Band, including the songs Wonderwall, Live Forever, and Don't Look Back In Anger. A new add-on creature for Folklore is the winner of a fan design contest, while an expansion pack for both the normal and collector's editions of Stranglehold adds 10 additional multiplayer maps and 21 all-new multiplayer character skins. Finally, various film trailers are available: Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – Stevie’s Skater Story, Step Up 2: The Streets and Dragon Wars, as well as PS3 themes for PixelJunk Monsters and Lemmings.

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