Promax/BDA Commission Study On Gaming Habits

In support for the previously announced MI6: Marketing Interactive '06, worldwide association of ...
In support for the previously announced MI6: Marketing Interactive '06, worldwide association of entertainment marketers, promoters and designers Promax/BDA has announced that the company has commissioned media and entertainment research and consultation firm Frank N. Magid & Associates to research and report on the habits, behaviors and motivators of today's gamers. Spearheaded by Frank N. Magid Associates' CEO Brent Magid, managing director Mike Vorhaus, consultant and research associate Mark Allenbach and executive director of research Martin Eichholz, the study and its findings will hopefully assist game marketers in their efforts to appeal to consumers, as well as understand consumers’ attitudes towards games, and how information games is shared between consumers. The gaming study will include an online investigation of 2,000 American consumers between the ages of 13 and 39 who have purchased or received at least one console/PC game in the past 12 months. Also included will be in-person interviews with teens and young adults concerning game awareness and buzz, usage of sources, impact of group and social leader opinions and more. In-person interviews will be videotaped and excerpts will be included in Magid's presentation of study findings at the MI6 conference in June. "The purpose of MI6 is to not only provide well-deserved recognition but also to increase the effectiveness of interactive marketers. By providing a quantitative consumer study of gamers in the target 13 to 39 age group, we can empower marketers with insight as to what motivates this group to play and buy specific games as well as how to speak to the influencers of the community, providing tangible value to our attendees. It’s the best way I know of for validating the role of this conference among interactive entertainment marketers while also ensuring for their continued success," said Promax/BDA president and CEO Jim Chabin. The MI6: Marketing Interactive '06 is specifically designed for video game marketers, and will run alongside the inaugural Senet Awards for game marketing, to take place this June 27-28 in San Francisco.

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