Product: Softimage: CAT Version 2.5 Released Worldwide

Avid Technology subsidiary Softimage has announced the worldwide release of version 2.5 of its Softimage: CAT software.
September 22, 2006
Avid Technology subsidiary Softimage has announced the worldwide release of version 2.5 of its Softimage: CAT software. First announced in August at the 2006 SIGGRAPH conference, Softimage: CAT version 2.5 is the latest update to the newest member of the Softimage suite of character tools, as part of Avid’s recent asset acquisition of Character Animation Technologies, Ltd. Softimage: CAT, a plug-in for Autodesk’s 3ds Max software, is a complete character animation system that offers artists in game development, film and post industries a unique toolset with which to produce better animations more quickly in a completely flexible environment. The latest version, as demonstrated during SIGGRAPH, features a new system for manipulating CATRigs, the ability to copy and paste layers for key frame animation, an unique procedural walk-cycle system, and a pose mixer for bone-based facial animation. Softimage: CAT also includes updates to CAT’s capture animation tool to provide a faster, more responsive workflow. In addition, new pipeline tools include a batch importer to import data into CAT, and a new customizable script-based batch exporter. “We are very excited to release the latest update to CAT shortly after becoming part of the Softimage family. We remain committed to supporting our customers and developing the technology they have counted on to produce high quality character animation in their Max-based pipelines,” said Philip R. Taylor, CAT product designer for Softimage. “With this release, our customers will also benefit from the knowledgeable support teams at Softimage, and have access to richer documentation resources on the new CAT Wiki.”

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