Product: Ghost 3D Updates Suite For 3ds Max 9

Representatives from 3D technology developer Ghost 3D, LLC have announced that the company's suite of 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ plug-ins have been updated to work with the...
Representatives from 3D technology developer Ghost 3D, LLC have announced that the company's suite of 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ plug-ins have been updated to work with the most recent versions of both products. The Ghost 3D line, consisting of Power Modeler Pack, Power Digitizer Pack, ResErect, Scribe-iT and Surf-iT, provides 3D designers, modelers, manufacturers, engineers, sculptors, animators, artists and other professionals in the games, manufacturing, Television, film, design, and visualization industries with powerful 3D modeling, digitizing, scan-surfacing, polygon meshing, conversion and other tools and utilities. The company's Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack software products provide a full suite of modeling tools providing 3D content creators and designers with the ability to create accurate 3D models simply using both 3D and 2D design and drawing techniques. Each product incorporates speed and diversity in Spline surface modeling systems with non-linear parametric conversion features. Users can frame out complex surfaces quickly and accurately by drawing, refining and editing using Spline-based patches, convert to subdivision surfaces, editable subdivision polygon objects, NURMS, NURBS, mesh, and then export to popular file formats. Additional highlights include parametric drag-and-drop 3D-Spline objects, advanced surfacing, and loads of speedy editing enhancements to instantly produce models with superb 3D geometry. Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack solutions offer digitizing, reverse engineering and 3D modeling tools that enable anyone to create high quality, accurate 3D models and geometry from physical objects. The products include multiple creation modes, hybrid modeling, conversion and editing techniques, the ability to incorporate any modifier into the digitizing process, and support CMMs, 3D scanners and digitizers through integrated GHOST 3D Systems, including MicroScribe, FaroArm devices and others. Additionally, Ghost 3D's ScanLab (though not yet available for 3ds max 9) offers a fast and unique parametric point-cloud mesh surfacing solution, and ResErect offers unique Mesh, Patch, Primitive, and Spline conversion to optimized Splines, preservation of animation, rebuilding of the Splines, preparation for surfacing, and special import capability for Hash’s Animation Master patch-based models.

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