Product: Daz Ships Hexagon 2 3D Modeling Software

Following its acquisition of Eovia, DAZ Productions Inc., a developer of professional quality 3D ...
Following its acquisition of Eovia, DAZ Productions Inc., a developer of professional quality 3D models and software, today announced the immediate availability of DAZ Hexagon 2, its newly acquired 3D polygonal and subdivision modeling software. The Hexagon 2 modeling software delivers an augmented set of tools for modeling, refining, UV mapping, texturing and previewing detailed 3D creations. Its freehand brush modeling capabilities provide a breadth of displacement brushes to refine 3D models by smoothing, pinching, and inflating the geometry or by adding high-resolution details. A complete UV-mapping module including one-click UV-Unwrap enables 3D artists to easily apply UV-maps on 3D objects. Through the new 3D paint tools, users can apply textures using brushes and imported textures or choose from a large choice of predefined textures. Hexagon 2 now also is compatible with popular graphics tablets for more precise and flexible results. To speed workflow, the software delivers immediate previews of finished models by way of ultra-fast Ambient Occlusion simulating Global Illumination and real-time shadows. Once a 3D model created in Hexagon 2 is ready for rendering, it can be seamlessly exported into most any rendering software application including DAZ’s powerful and approachable 3D workhorse, Carrara. Hexagon 2 is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows. “Our very recent acquisition of Eovia has put DAZ at the forefront of change within the 3D industry,” said Dan Farr, president of DAZ Productions. “The biggest part of this shift is breaking down perceptions about the tools professional artists should use, and proving that it is no longer only a field for the elite. Coinciding with this, DAZ is now putting its name on the new Hexagon 2, a highly accessible yet expert modeling tool that represents a grand evolution in its own right.”

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