Product: Audiokinetic Releases Wwise 2006.3

Audiokinetic has announced the release of Wwise 2006.3, the latest update of its integrated audio pipeline solution, which covers every phase of production from prototypi...
Audiokinetic has announced the release of Wwise 2006.3, the latest update of its integrated audio pipeline solution, which covers every phase of production from prototyping and integrating to simulating, mixing, and profiling. Featuring both a powerful authoring application and an optimized sound engine, Wwise is intended to reduce the dependencies between design teams and programmers. The following features have been added with the latest version of Wwise: - Playstation 3 Readiness: Wwise 2006.3 can be used for the development of games for the PS3. - Source Control Support: Wwise 2006.3 includes the Perforce plug-in and an SDK that allows source control. - Blend Container: Allows developers to group sounds and containers into blend containers that are played back simultaneously. Within the blend containers, sounds and containers can be grouped into blend tracks in order to map sound properties to game parameters using RTPCs. - Render effects: Wwise has always allowed developers to apply effects to sounds and to tweak their properties in real-time in Wwise and in-game. Now, they can render or process these effects before packaging them into SoundBanks, which saves processing power during gameplay. - Query: Allows developers to search for projects using names, notes, objects types, specific properties, and platform inclusion. Certain operations can be performed on the results such as multi editing, conversion, editing, or displaying in the schematic view. Queries are saved in work units that are accessible to the entire team. - Volume Threshold Support: The volume threshold determines, per platform, the behavior of sounds when the volume falls below the volume threshold. - Vorbis Support: Vorbis is available for the platforms supported by Wwise. - New effects: Wwise 2006.3 includes Compressor, Expander and Peak Limiter features. - Master control bus: Allows developers to apply any supported effect to the final output mix. Simon Ashby, Product Director for Audiokinetic Inc commented of the release: "The essential requirement for success in the video game industry is to provide the best game experience to players. As a middleware provider, we can help game developers to achieve this goal. The latest release of Wwise 2006.3 feature set will allow them to pursue their objective and is a continued demonstration of our effort to enhance the production pipeline."

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