Product: Anark Releases Gameface Version 3.7

Middleware developer Anark Corporation today has announced that version 3.7 of its user interface development platform Anark Gameface has been released. The newest iterat...
Middleware developer Anark Corporation today has announced that version 3.7 of its user interface development platform Anark Gameface has been released. The newest iteration includes an enhanced workflow for game artists and performance upgrades for game engineers for more efficient UI authoring. Anark Gameface 3.7's Studio now features multiple view/edit cameras for easy positioning and alignment of assets in the scene. This feature is similar to multi-view features available in most Digital Content Creation (DCC) packages and allows developers to improve workflow by rapidly switching between preset and adjustable views. The latest version also includes support for the Collada file format, which allows for the direct data transfer of animation created in 3ds Max and Maya. Other enhancements include a fine tuned component refresh in order to better support large workgroup component development and team collaboration. Component support has also been updated to support team collaboration and component development, and additional command line options have been added in order to support automated updating and reporting. In addition, the software's SDK has also been bolstered with increased speed and new memory management architecture to handle all allocations internally rather than using the standard C/C++ routines. Anark Gameface also now supports an optimized binary file format, which affords performance gains when previewing files from Anark Studio and when loading presentations at runtime. Additionally, the software's exporter architecture has been redesigned to provide better error handling, and easier customization. Customers will have more robust access to all the powerful data provided by Anark Studio, and the Anark Gameface code has been updated to compile properly in Visual Studio 2005. "We've been making some dramatic improvements to Anark Gameface in the past four months since the release of version 3.6," offered Anark's Senior VP of Product Development, Justin Ebert. "Our ongoing work supporting the rapidly growing amount of AAA studios working with Gameface has given us a great deal of insight into what new tools and features are required for our customers to develop a world class UI. This allows us to task our engineers with creating material that is immediately applicable for our customer base to integrate into their UI design pipeline."

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