Polish Companies Join Up In Nicolas' Acquisition Of Frontline

Polish game developer and publisher Nicolas Games has acquired Frontline Studios, the fellow Polish studio currently at work on third-person action-fighter Arena Morte.
Polish game developer and publisher Nicolas Games has acquired Frontline Studios, which is also headquartered in Poland but maintains a Florida office. The studio will continue to self-publish digitally, and the acquisition won't affect existing contract work and partnerships. Frontline's highest-profile project was contributions to the canceled portable Duke Nukem Trilogy. It's now working on third-person action fighter Arena Morte, and in general it focuses on the Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and DSiWare platforms, in addition to Facebook, iOS and Android. "This is a great opportunity for us to concentrate on what we do best, making games," says Frontline CEO Marcin Michel. "Nicolas brings support through a well-managed and experienced partnership that is both respected and highly successful in our industry." Michel says Frontline sought funding from investors and spoke to other publishers before deciding to be acquired by Nicolas. "We will now have the financial and business resources to support our growth allowing Frontline Studios to develop better and better games, while following a vision mutual to both companies," he adds. The deal also includes long-term contracts from Frontline's principal leadership, aimed at keeping them in their roles and ensuring certain commitments to Nicolas. For the buyer's part, Nicolas says it's excited to have Frontline as a third-party studio. "We will now be able to fast-track development and extend the quality of all our projects," says CEO Tomasz Majka. "We will be able to leverage our work force and cross-platform development capabilities across multiple teams, as we will be bigger and stronger together."

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