PlayStation Network Details Spring PS3, PSP Debuts

SCEA announced its collection of downloadable titles for PS3 and PSP releasing in the next few months, beginning with Flower on February 12th and including Noby Noby Boy and Ragdoll Kung Fu.
Sony Computer Entertainment America announced "PlayStation Network Spring Fever," a collection of downloadable titles for PS3 and PSP releasing in the months leading up to spring. The collection will begin with the release of ThatGameCompany's Flower through the PlayStation Store on February 12th. The game will join 164 other releases currently available through the digital download platform, 45 percent of which are exclusive in the U.S. Other highlighted first- and third-party titles from the lineup include Namco Bandai's Noby Noby Boy, Realtech VR's No Gravity (PSP), Sony Online Entertainment's Wheel of Fortune, DoubleSix's Burn Zombie Burn, Tarsier Studios' Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, and Zen Studios's The Punisher: No Mercy. SCEA also says that titles like Hudson's Bomberman Ultra, Deadline Games' Watchmen, and many other titles will also be released on PSN during this timeframe. Along with the PSN Spring Fever titles, Sony will release related trailers, developer blog posts, wallpapers, and more in a dedicated PSN Spring Fever section on the PlayStation Store.

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