Play N Trade Planning UK Expansion

A new report suggests that U.S. based retailer Play N Trade are planning to open their first store in the UK. The move could happen by the end of the current calendar year, with CEO Roger Lloyd bullish about the prospect of competing with GAME.
A report from trade paper MCV suggests that U.S. based retailer Play N Trade are planning to open their first store in the UK, potentially by the end of the current calendar year. The timing of the move is being seen as a reaction to the acquisition of Gamestation, the country’s second largest specialist chain, by number one rival GAME. This puts the control of all second-hand and trade-in video games sales in the hands of a single company, which was one of the major considerations in a recently completed Competition Commission investigation into the takeover. “GAME has a very strong presence in the UK and beyond, but I like competition,” said CEO Roger Lloyd to MCV. “GAME will have to adapt to Play N Trade – we will push them to new heights. Ultimately, the consumer will win out. There’s no reason why, if we go in with a strong business plan and get the right people, right relationships and right distribution model, we can’t come in and have the same growth as we have seen in the U.S.” Play N Trade has described itself as the fastest growing specialist chain in the U.S., where it operates 100 stores. The company’s current plans call for the first outlet in the UK to open in the second quarter of 2009, although this could be moved forward if a particularly suitable “master franchisor” can be found to oversee the set-up.

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