Perfect World To Publish Runic Games' Torchlight

Chinese-headquartered firm Perfect World has announced a worldwide publishing agreement with Runic Games, a studio formed from the defunct Flagship Studios, for Torchlight, Runic's upcoming action-MMORPG.
Chinese online game operator Perfect World (publisher of the eponymous MMO) has announced that it has entered into a publishing agreement with Runic Games, the studio formed from the defunct Flagship Studios team developing MMO Mythos, for the exclusive worldwide publishing rights for Torchlight, Runic's upcoming title. The Seattle-based Runic counts developers of titles including Diablo, Diablo II, Fate and Hellgate: London as part of its team, and while few details have been announced, Torchlight is described as being in the same vein. It's an action-MMORPG where players take the role of adventurers from the town of Torchlight, exploring a nearby mountain range to find a "magic ore" that "imbues their equipment with power, yet imperils their very existence." As of the announcement, images of the title have been made available to two Runic Games fansites, Runic Games Insider and Runic Games Fansite. "We are very pleased to cooperate with Runic Games, whose members have a first-rate track record. Leveraging Perfect World's marketing capabilities and deep understanding of Asian culture and player preferences, Torchlight is expected to be a global title, catering to the tastes of both Western and Eastern players," commented Michael Chi, CEO of Perfect World. "In addition to our involvement in game development leveraging our extensive experience with MMORPG, we will also strive to demonstrate our excellent game operating ability and to offer players unique and exciting online game experience."

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