OneBigGame Announces Board Members

Non-profit charitable games publisher OneBigGame has announced its board of directors, naming several industry figures including Game Developers Conference executive director Jamil Moledina and Kuju CEO Ian Baverstock to board positions.
Non-profit charitable games publisher OneBigGame has announced its board of directors, naming several industry figures to board positions. The members include video game technical consultant Mark DeLoura, Game Developers Conference executive director Jamil Moledina, Kuju Entertainment CEO and TIGA chairman Ian Baverstock, and OneBigGame assistant director Susan Marshall. OneBigGame, formed by former Guerilla Games (Killzone) co-founder Martin de Ronde in March 2007, publishes games designed specifically for it by famous designers and developers as a charitable donation, with the aim of raising funds for global children's charities. The idea for OneBigGame is based on the belief that the videogames industry, one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, with its vast creative resources and through the tremendous impact it has on popular youth culture, is perfectly placed to raise funds for charity as well as raise awareness among youth audiences for the causes it supports. The new board of directors is supported by the existing advisory board, which includes industry executive Chris Deering, Mark Cerny of Cerny Games; David Perry of and, and Eidos CTO Julien Merceron. Said de Ronde, "I am delighted to be joined by a group of esteemed professionals with such diverse industry experience. Establishing our board of directors to work side-by-side our equally senior advisory board marks the completion of our organizational structure and ensures that we can confidently look forward to our launch later this year.”

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