NPD: Epic Mickey Sells 1.3 Million, Gran Turismo Hits 1.14 Million In 2010

New data from tracking firm NPD shows two high-profile games reaching million-seller status in North America in the final weeks of 2010, implying strong sales for some other December sellers in the process.
New data from tracking firm NPD shows two high-profile titles reaching million-seller status in North America in the final weeks of 2010. The Los Angeles Times cites "people familiar with the [NPD] data" as confirming that Junction Point and Disney Interactive's Epic Mickey sold 1.3 million units to reach its 6th place sales position in December's chart. Epic Mickey's results are especially impressive given the game's Wii exclusivity. However, the title still ranked just behind the Wii-only titles Donkey Kong Country Returns and Just Dance 2, which were second and fifth on the chart. The Warren Spector-helmed project received generally positive reviews surrounding its November 30 release, though many reviewers took issue with the game's camera and platforming controls. Meanwhile, Joystiq reports NPD numbers showing the long-delayed Gran Turismo 5 sold through 1.14 million units in North America during 2010. That number includes 560,500 copies of Gran Turismo 5 sold to consumers in December's reporting period (which ran November 28 through January 1) and 579,500 sold from November 24th through 27th, according to Joystiq. Last month, Sony announced their heavily anticipated racing title had shipped 5.5 million units to retailers worldwide, including 1.25 million units into North America retailers. Gran Turismo 5's December holiday performance failed to rank it in the North American top 10 for the month, though the game reached 8th place in November's sales report. The title topped sales charts in both Japan and in Great Britain during its launch week in those regions.

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