Nintendo Unveils Life To Date Hardware, Software Totals

Alongside its recent financial results, Nintendo has revealed detailed life-to-date hardware sales figures for its Wii and DS reached 67.4 million and 125.1 million units, respectively; software totals also announced.
According to new numbers debuting today, Nintendo's Wii console has sold 67.4 million hardware units to date, 32 million of them in the U.S. In Japan the lifetime to date total is 9.7 million. The rest of the world accounts for 25.7 million in Wii sales. Nintendo unveiled the new numbers alongside its most recent fiscal results, which saw strong holiday sales but profits declining. By comparison, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has sold 39 million units since its 2005 launch. Sony's PlayStation 3 has sold around 30 million units since its 2006 launch, and PSP has sold over 56 million units worldwide since its Japanese launch in 2004. Nintendo has also sold 509.6 million units of first and third-party Wii software -- more than half of it, or 275.8 million, in the U.S, where analyst Michael Pachter estimates first-party Wii software is about 47 percent of total platform sales. Japan accounts for 46.6 million software units, while the rest of the world totals 187.2 million. The company also revealed numbers for its thriving DS platform, which has now reached 125.1 million -- it passed 100 million units in March 2009. 45 million DS units have been sold in the U.S. 29.9 million in Japan and 50.2 million in the rest of the world. Nintendo's sold 688.3 million first and third-party software units for its portable, 261.9 million in the U.S., 172 million in Japan, and 254.4 million in the remaining markets.

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