Nintendo Senior Marketing Jobs Open For Kaplan, Llewelyn Positions

Online ads posted to Nintendo's job site appear to confirm that PR director Beth Llewelyn and marketing VP Perrin Kaplan are among those former sales and marketing employees not making the move to the company's newly opened Redwood City offices.
Following earlier reports in June that a majority of Nintendo of America sales and marketing staff would not be relocating to newly opened Redwood City offices, online ads posted to the company's job site appear to confirm that director of public relations Beth Llewelyn and vice president of marking and corporate affairs Perrin Kaplan are among those not making the move. An online report by Game Informer said at the time that as many as 90% of the company's marketing staff would be leaving the company rather than making the move, including three of the company's top executives: Llewelyn, Kaplan, and senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, George Harrison. NOA president Reggie Fils Aime put that number instead to around 60% some days later, but did not verify that any of the three top executives were among those departing, saying only in a statement that "a transition task force of key executives has been formed to ensure the smoothest process possible, and continuous information and resources will be available to all employees." According to a report by, though, new job postings have been listed on the company's website for both a new VP of corporate affairs and senior director of corporate communications, all but confirming that the two will be leaving or have left the company. Harrison's role, for the moment, appears to be filled -- Gamasutra will update should any additional information surface regarding executive level departures.

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