Ngmoco's Young: 'Immersive' iPad Puts Apple In The Living Room

In today's Gamasutra feature, Neil Young of iPhone-focused Ngmoco says his company's readying "a lot" of support for Apple's new iPad, opining the device may gi
Part of the skepticism surrounding Apple's new iPad tablet comes from the view that it's just one big iPod -- but developers of games for iPhone and iPod Touch say that's not a bad thing. "In many ways it is a large format iPod, but that's in fact what makes it interesting," says Ngmoco's Neil Young, speaking as part of a new Gamasutra feature offering developer perspectives on the device's possibilities. "The display surface is now big enough to be a really engaging and immersive interface, and it's an in-home venue device as much as it's a mobile device," says Young. "I think that Apple just found a way to get into the living rooms without having to build a dedicated game console," he adds. Young says Ngmoco is readying "a lot of support" for the iPad to help it reach the same kind of success as Apple's other iPhone-OS titles. PopCap director of mobile business development Andrew Stein says "having a much bigger, high-resolution screen does get us thinking about the new experiences we could create that just aren't possible on the much smaller iPhone screen." The full Gamasutra feature presents a wide range of interviews with both enthusiastic and skeptical developers who share their plans and perspectives on iPad.

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