New UK GamePlan Trade Show Announced For 2008

The first details of a new London based trade show called GamePlan have been announced in the UK, a publisher and retail orientated event scheduled to make its debut in June 2008 at a purposefully low-key central London hotel.
The first details of a new London based trade show have been announced in the UK, with the retail orientated event, called GamePlan, scheduled to take place for the first time next year in a purposefully low key locale. London used to host the prominent ECTS (European Computer Trade Show) event during the ‘90s, which at its peak was comparable to E3 with large, expensive stands and attendance by most major publishers. The event gradually declined over the years, though, before being canceled after the already downsized 2004 show took place. As a result, the largest European trade event is now the Leipzig Games Convention in August, which is also open to the general public. The new GamePlan event, though, has been designed purely for publishers and retailers, and will take place at a central London hotel on June 5th and 6th of 2008. According to a report in UK trade paper MCV, organizer Andy Lane, who was previously involved in the ECTS events and also helps run the Develop Conference, stated: "Since E3 changed its focus and became totally US-centric, we’ve watched the debate unfold as to what the industry wants. It’s clear there’s a desire for a UK event, but the traditional format of an exhibition hall isn’t what the industry needs.” "People want a sensible, controlled environment where they can see product, have meaningful meetings and do business. That’s exactly what GamePlan will offer,” added Lane.

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