Miyamoto: Revolution Name 'Almost Threatening'

In an interview with business site CNN Money, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has commented ...
In an interview with business site CNN Money, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has commented on the reasoning behind Nintendo's controversial renaming of its Revolution console to the Wii, indicating that it was done to make the forthcoming next-gen system sound more inclusive. Miyamoto specifically explained: "When we first thought about it, myself and others felt that the name Revolution was very appropriate to what we were doing... but [Revolution] is a name that was almost threatening to non-gamers. It wasn't acceptable. So we thought this was more friendly and inviting." Elsewhere, the Mario creator was also intriguing when discussing the introduction of the PlayStation 3 controller and allegations that it was somewhat influences by Nintendo's concepts, commenting: "That always seems to happen and we kind of expected it. It reinforces for us that we've been on the right path all along. We've gotten used to others copying what we do – and we're having a lot of fun with it." Finally, Miyamoto indicated that the personalized faces of Nintendo execs shown in Tennis for the Wii for the pre-E3 press conference might be implemented, in some way, in final Wii software, commenting that "...we have some different ideas about how to take advantage of that functionality – and we will be sharing that type of functionality with third parties."

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