Live Gamer Announces Real-Money Marketplace Agreement With Magma Studios

Singapore-based Magma Studios has joined Sony Online Entertainment in agreeing to implement Live Gamer's real-money player-to-player virtual goods marketplace Live Gamer Exchange as its exclusive marketplace for its virtual worlds.
Live Gamer offers a publisher-supported marketplace for player-to-player exchange of virtual goods (and real money) -- with clients as high-profile as Sony agreeing support in titles such as the upcoming The Agency and Free Realms. Today, the company announced that Singapore-based Magma Studios has also agreed to use the Live Gamer Exchange as its exclusive marketplace for its virtual worlds. According to its website, Magma Studios' clients include "Fox International, 10tacle Studios (MTV's The Youtopia Project), Disney Channel Asia and Makena Technologies (There)" though it is not clear if the agreement with Live Gamer would include any of these clients or their services – and, indeed, 10tacle Studios declared insolvency several months ago, so the client list is clearly in need of an update. Live Gamer recently announced a new VP of Product Marketing, Kurtis Buckmaster, and a partnership with online game publisher True Games -- which has yet to announce its first title. "Magma Studios' selection of Live Gamer is testament to the demand for legitimate, sanctioned player-to-player trading," said Andrew Schneider, president and co-founder of Live Gamer. "For virtual world operators, The Live Gamer Exchange provides a secure platform and revenue opportunity that benefits the operator/developer and users alike. Once users invest in a digital representation of themselves, the personal touches, items, and achievements that evolve from their passion and creativity in the virtual world, increasingly they are attributed real-world value."

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