Kynogon Preps Kynapse 5 For GDC Release

Middleware developer Kynogon has announced that it is preparing to release the latest version of its AI middleware, Kynapse 5, a...
Middleware developer Kynogon has announced that it is preparing to release the latest version of its AI middleware, Kynapse 5, at GDC 2008, adding a number of new features including multithread and multicore processor support, and new dynamic pathfinding algorithms. The Kynapse middleware solution includes specific features for next-generation platforms, including hierarchical 3D pathfinding compatible with streaming mechanisms, and 3D dynamic pathfinding for full physics games. The software also offers automatic 3D perception and pathfinding data generation supporting very large maps, 3D topology dynamic analysis, team coordination mechanisms, and AI architecture with high level performance. For its latest version the company says it has added a number of new features in response to client feedback, including new 3D pathfinding, "that helps Non Player Characters find their way around complex arrangements of objects in highly dynamic worlds." The latest version will also offer a new parallel processing framework for multi-threaded and multi-core console and PC architecture, offloading AI pathfinding calculations to secondary threads and processors. Finally, the company says it is adding the ability to "distribute automatic data generation process over multiple computers in a network, dramatically reducing generation times and improving productivity" for AI analyzing 3D topology and finding and identifying hiding places, threats, and other key environment features. Said Kynogon CEO Pierre Pontevia, “We always have worked hard to listen to our clients and anticipate market evolutions. The new features in Kynapse 5 are a direct response to our clients needs. We are particularly looking forward to seeing what types of new gameplay developers will produce using Kynapse 5.”

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