Kynogon Partners With Spark Unlimited, Unreal Engine

Representatives from Kynogon, makers of A.I. middleware solution Kynapse, have announced both a partnership with Epic Games integrating the Kynapse engine into Unreal Eng...
Representatives from Kynogon, makers of A.I. middleware solution Kynapse, have announced both a partnership with Epic Games integrating the Kynapse engine into Unreal Engine 3, and a developer deal with Spark Unlimited. Regarding Unreal Engine 3, Kynapse's runtime integration allows the engine to take control of Non Player Characters, and the company has developed transparent integration into Unreal Editor, which allows developers to automatically generate Kynapse 3D pathfinding and 3D topological data from within the Unreal Engine 3 interface. Additionally, developers can configure Kynapse directly in the UnrealEd and call Kynapse behaviors through Unreal script latent functions. The Kynapse A.I. engine gives Non Player Characters the freedom to move around in any 3D dynamic world, understand their environment, hide, communicate, cooperate, drive vehicles, and more. "We are pleased that Kynogon has come on-board with the Integrated Partners Program," said Epic Games vice president Mark Rein. "Unreal Engine 3 licensees who choose to license Kynapse should be pleased that the integration effort is already done and Kynogon can provide direct UE3-related tech support." Along with the integration, Call of Duty: Finest Hour developers Spark Unlimited have announced that it is choosing the Kynapse engine for its A.I. solution in its next-gen properties, particularly its recently announced first-person shooter tentatively titled Fall of Liberty, as well as a second unannounced title currently in production. "We were looking for an A.I. solution that would transparently build on the capabilities of the Unreal engine," remarked Craig Allen, CEO at Spark Unlimited. "We chose Kynapse because it seamlessly integrated with what we already had in place and provided a framework to empower non-player characters (NPC's) with advanced behaviors. The game experiences we're building require unique and complex path-finding solutions due to the dynamic nature of the worlds we are creating. After evaluating a number of potential solutions, only Kynapse successfully addressed all of the challenges we were facing in our productions." Kynogon's A.I. technology is currently used by a number of global developers, including Electronic Arts, Sega, Atari, Lionhead, Real Time Worlds, and Pyro Studios, as well as industry leaders such as EADS, and British Aerospace.

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