Key Chinese Govt Agencies Endorsing GDC China 2009

Two key Chinese government agencies within the country's Ministries of Industry/IT and Culture fully endorsed the Game Developers Conference China 2009 (GDC China 2009), and urged local relevant associations and professionals to fully support the Shanghai
The 2009 Game Developers Conference in China is enjoying the support of two key groups. Event organizer Think Services Game Group (also owners of Gamasutra) announced that two Chinese government agencies within the country's Ministries of Industry/IT and Culture fully endorsed GDC China 2009, taking place in Shanghai from October 11th-13th. Both the Economic and Information Commission (China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and the Administration Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and TV (China Ministry of Culture) urged relevant industry associations, organizations, and professionals to fully support the organization of GDC China. The two Shanghai-based agencies also indicated that GDC China is critical in driving the success of the development of the Chinese software and information technology industry by facilitating international cooperation within the game industry. Building on the success of the 2007 event, the second GDC China will serve as a global extension of the universally respected GDC, held in San Francisco, California each spring, which attracts the most successful and renowned development and industry leaders to each of its events. GDC China 2009 continues in its mission to advance the state of China’s game industry by featuring top-quality, unbiased content and incorporating the GDC’s global development community perspective. Supported by an advisory board that includes representatives from Shanda, Epic Games China, 9you and DJL International, and endorsed by key government agencies associated with the industry, GDC China will once again bring the GDC’s authoritative content and global reach to the region. "With the explicit endorsement of key industry agencies like these, GDC China continues to ramp up its plans to offer another quality event to the burgeoning Chinese games industry," says event director Meggan Scavio.“We are excited to return to China in October to present a conference featuring top speakers and the most innovative game development techniques both from China and beyond.” GDC China will serve as the last global event in 2009 for the GDC’s global event calendar which includes the main GDC in San Francisco in March, GDC Canada in Vancouver in May, GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany in August, and GDC Austin in Austin, Texas in September. The GDC and GDC China are not affiliated with any other event operators in China. More information on the event will be posted at Game Developers Conference China 2009's official site.

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