Kalypso Forms Realmforge Studios, Acquires Tropico 3

German publisher Kalypso Media is partnering with developer Boxed Dreams to form a new development studio named Realmforge Studios. At the same time, Kalypso gets the rights for strategy game sequel Tropico 3 from Take-Two Interactive.
German publisher Kalypso Media is partnering with developer Boxed Dreams to form a new development studios named Realmforge Studios. The new studio will be based in Munich, and Boxed Dreams is currently working on completing PC title Ceville. Upon its completion, all 10 members of Boxed Dreams will be absorbed into the new studio, which is planned to double in size by the middle of 2009. Ceville is a graphic adventure, but the first new product from Realmforge Studios is described as a "business simulation package". No further details are available, but the game is due for release in the last quarter of 2009. At the same time, Kalypso Media also secured the worldwide rights to strategy game Tropico 3 from Take-Two Interactive. The game will be developed by Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, who have also worked on Grand Ages: Rome for Kalypso. "The Tropico series is a great IP which we are excited to continue," said Simon Hellwig, Kalypso managing director. "The game will be the biggest project Kalypso has realized so far in its short history and we are focussing on achieving a worldwide PC hit with this brand." "The acquisition of Tropico, along with other key licenses is fundamental to our future growth," Hellwig adds. "The formation of our own development studio increases our independence and flexibility with regard to our choice of products." "Furthermore, the studio will enable us to react even faster and more efficiently to the demands of the market and our customers."

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