John Romero and Will Wright To Host IGDA Charity Dinner

The IGDA announced today that industry figureheads Will Wright and John Romero will host the organization's first annual foundation charity dinner in San Francisco in November.
The Independent Game Developers Association announced today that industry figureheads John Romero and Will Wright will host the organization's first annual IGDA Foundation charity dinner in San Francisco. The dinner will feature an on-stage discussion between the two notable industry verterans, and will raise money for several charitable projects related to the industry. Will Wright, known for his work on The Sims and Spore, will host alongside the well-known Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM designer and coder John Romero to discuss their work in the industry and contribute to Romero's own Romero Archives, a project dedicated to preserving the processes and history of game design. Romero has participated in other such discussions with industry figures such as Sid Meier, Bob Bates, Don Daglow, and Noah Falstein. Proceeds from the charity dinner will go towards several projects supported by the IGDA, including the Romero Archives, the Eric Dybsand Memorial Scholarship for AI Development, the Accessibility SIG “Gamers with Disabilities” Project and more. The event will take place on November 5 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott, with general admission tickets available for $150, with discounts for IGDA members, at the IGDA website.

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