Japanese Weekly Hardware Sales Continue Freefall

Game hardware sales in Japan have fallen even further this week, with the DS and Wii still leading the charts, but most major consoles/handhelds recording their worst sales for the entire year and in many cases beyond, as the PS3 gets pushed back into fif
Market research firm Media Create has revealed data for weekly hardware sales in Japan for the week ending September 9th, following details of the software top thirty. Sales have fallen even further this week, with most major formats recording their worst figures for the entire year and in many cases beyond. With overall market activity at a seasonal low, the extremely low software sales of this week have had a predictable effect on hardware. Nintendo DS sales fell by almost 17,000 units to just 77,488 for the week. The Wii was still the second best selling console but it saw sales drop by over 10,000 units to 29,088. Although the Wii, and certain colors of Nintendo DS, are still scarce in Japanese stores they are not reported to be entirely out of stock, as has been the case in previous months. The fall in hardware sales was across the board, with the PSP dropping by over 6,500 units to just 15,564. PlayStation 2 sales dropped by less than 1,000 units to 13,360 – likely helped by the success of Banpresto’s Another Century’s Episode 3. This pushed the PlayStation 3 back into fifth place for the first time in several weeks, with sales falling by almost 5,000 units to 13,248. With no titles in the software top fifty, the Xbox 360 saw sales fall by over 300 units to 1,286. The only gains of the week were made by the Game Boy Advance family of consoles and the GameCube, both up fractionally to 550 and 82 units, respectively.

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