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Japanese Sales Charts, Week Ending April 24th

The short-term cyclical churn that is the Japanese games market has taken a turn for the better this week, with sales up 156 percent from last week and 17 percent above t...
The short-term cyclical churn that is the Japanese games market has taken a turn for the better this week, with sales up 156 percent from last week and 17 percent above the weekly average. The number one selling game was Square Enix’s remake of its SNES hit Romancing SaGa, with an impressive 216,904 units sold (compared to 858,000 for the original), with 95 percent of stock sold out. However, the larger news is the enormous effect that the new different-colored versions of the Nintendo DS and the release of Nintendogs have had on the market. 96,191 Nintendo DS were sold during the week, for a massive 52.86 percent share of the market. This is more than every other format combined, including the PSP's with 33,004 sales. This means the PlayStation 2 could manage only a 18.18 percent market share, the PSP 18.14 percent, the Game Boy Advance 6.18 percent, the GameCube 4.58 percent and the Xbox 0.06 percent. Thanks to strong advertising and an already infamous 40/40 score in the influential Famitsu magazine, Nintendogs was the best selling Nintendo DS game of the week, with the three versions (all of which are functionally identical except for different breeds of dog – in a similar variegation to Pokémon titles) selling a combined 180,974 units. This makes the game the fastest selling Nintendo DS title yet, and the likely more mainstream appeal for Nintendogs suggests the game will likely to continue to be a significant seller for many weeks to come. Tomy’s third placed title Naruto title sold 84,195 units, proving again that the Naruto anime license is well suited to a Nintendo audience, following its emergence as the most successful third-party series on the GameCube. With the Nintendo DS also outselling the PSP in three of the previous four weeks it seems that the next-generation portable battle is evolving along very different lines than many analysts predicted, in Japan at least. Sony has now shipped (as opposed to sold) a total of 2.97 million PSP consoles worldwide (with a European launch not scheduled until September), whereas Nintendo yesterday announced that global sales had eclipsed 5 million (not the 3 million erroneously reported by Nintendo of Europe earlier in the week).
TWLWTitlePublisherFormatRelease Date
1NERomancing SaGa: Minstrel SongSquare EnixPS22005.04.21
2NEFire Emblem: Souen no KisekiNintendoGC2005.04.20
3NENaruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3TomyDS2005.04.21
4NENintendogs: Shiba and FriendsNintendoDS2005.04.21
5NENintendogs: Dachshund and FriendsNintendoDS2005.04.21
6NENintendogs: Chihuahua and FriendsNintendoDS2005.04.21
7NEBaseball Live 2005NamcoPS22005.04.21
8NERockman Zero 4CapcomGBA2005.04.21
92Kidou Senshi Gundam: One Year WarBandaiPS22005.04.07
10NEShutokou BattleGenkiPSP2005.04.21
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