Japanese Hardware: PSP Sales Decline After Kingdom Hearts Boost

After seeing a big boost from the RPG Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Sony PSP hardware sales declined in Japan, but were still able to top weekly hardware sales charts in Japan.
Sony PSP hardware sales declined significantly in Japan last week, but were still able to top weekly hardware sales charts in Japan, Media Create reported Friday. Sales of the older PSP-3000 for the week ended January 17 were 71,186, down from 145,682 a week prior. PSP sales recently saw a big boost thanks to the release of Square Enix's PSP role-playing game Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Likewise, all hardware in Japan was down notably for the week. Wii and PlayStation 3 were able to capture the second and third spots behind the PSP, selling 57,349 and 35,156 units respectively. Total DS line sales, including sales of DS Lite, DSi, and the newest model DSi LL sold 64,284 total for the week. Below are the full sales rankings from Media Create for the week ended January 17, 2009 (the bottom chart lumps together sales of all models in a given line of hardware).
LW TW Console Weekly Sales Last Week
1 1 PSP 71,186 145,682
2 2 Wii 57,349 76,772
3 3 PS3 35,156 61,591
5 4 DSI LL 30,418 45,221
4 5 DSI 27,292 50,178
6 6 DS Lite 6,574 10,067
7 7 Xbox 360 4,622 5,461
8 8 PS2 2,580 3,092
9 9 PSP Go 2,027 2,841

LW TW Console Weekly Sales Last Week
1 1 PSP 73,213 148,523
2 2 DS 64,284 105,466
3 3 Wii 57,349 76,772
4 4 PS3 35,156 61,591
5 5 Xbox 360 4,622 5,461
6 6 PS2 2,580 3,092

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