Japanese Charts: Star Ocean Gives Hope To Xbox 360 As Nintendo Edged Out

The Microsoft console-exclusive Star Ocean: The Last Hope has become the fastest selling Xbox 360 game ever in Japan, as new PSP versions of Idolmaster have also proven successful -- countdown within.
It has been another positive week for the Xbox 360 in Japan, with platform exclusive Star Ocean: The Last Hope entering the charts straight in at number one. The new role-playing game from Square Enix and developer tri-Ace sold a total of 162,000 units, making it the fastest selling Xbox 360 game ever in Japan. The second highest entry of the week is the first PSP version of Namco Bandai’s Idolmaster series of 'idol' simulator rhythm games. Sold in three separate versions, each with only minor changes in content – in the manner of mainline Pokemon titles – the three SKUs sold a combined total of 121,000 units. A sequel to the original Xbox 360 arcade conversion should appear in next week’s chart. New at number six is Sega’s tactical role-playing game Shining Force Feather on Nintendo DS -- one of only two Nintendo format titles in the top 10 this week. Overall in the top 30, though, Nintendo format titles still account for half of the releases, with nine on the DS and six on the Wii. The final new entry in the top ten is also a tactical role-playing game, with Flight-Plan’s Sacred Blaze on PlayStation 2 registering 18,000 unit sales at number eight. The other new entries of the week include Cave’s cult 2D shoot ‘em-up DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra for Xbox 360 at number 19, Capcom’s Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop for Wii at number 21, Namco Bandai’s anime license Chou Gekijoban Keroro Gunsou: Gekishin Dragon Warriors de Arimasu! for DS at number 22 and the New Play Control! version of Metroid Prime for Wii at number 26.
TWLWTitlePublisherFormatWeekly Sales
1NEStar Ocean 4: The Last HopeMicrosoft360162,000
21Mario & Luigi RPG 3NintendoDS62,000
3NEIdolmaster SP: Perfect SunNamco BandaiPSP46,000
4NEIdolmaster SP: Missing MoonNamco BandaiPSP40,000
5NEIdolmaster SP: Wandering StarNamco BandaiPSP35,000
6NEShining Force Feather SegaDS31,000
711Monster Hunter Portable 2nd GCapcomPSP18,000
8NESacred Blaze Flight-PlanPS218,000
92Street Fighter IVCapcomPS317,000
108Demon's SoulsSonyPS316,000
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