Italian Developer Geniaware Launches, Licenses Gamebryo

Italy-based independent studio Geniaware announced its opening, and is currently developing a multiplatform 3D title based on a "wide-audience topic" using Emergent Game Technologies' multiplatform game engine Gamebryo.
Italy-based independent studio Geniaware announced its opening and its licensing of Emergent Game Technologies' multiplatform game engine Gamebryo. The developer, which boasts a "rapidly expanding international team" and an internal artificial intelligence-dedicated department, is working on a multiplatform 3D title based on a "wide audience" topic. The project is expected to require some 30 months of work before its completion. "I would like our talented team to be inspired by the brainwave of Leonardo da Vinci, a man with unlimited curiosity and who was able to provide clever inventions," says Geniaware's managing director Daniele Spadaccini. "I'm using this reference just to stress the focus of our challenge: to create critically and commercially successful games for a wide audience." Geniaware licensed Emergent's Gamebryo engine for the title with the hope of "building a long-term and mutually profitable relationship" with the middleware company. Available for development on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, Gamebryo is a modular game engine framework that integrates the technologies of its partners, which in addition to NaturalMotion, include Illuminate Labs, Nvidia and Allegorithmic. Gamebryo has been used in over 250 shipped titles, including EA Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Firaxis' Civilization Revolution. "We decided to work with Gamebryo as we believe that being able to use well-proven leading-edge technologies since day one will enable us to limit development risks as well as save time," adds Spadaccini. "Time that will be dedicated to the gameplay and simulation sides of our product in order to push its longevity and quality to the next level."

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