Isle of Man Seeks Gaming Companies

Only a day after the Louisiana announced its incentives program for videogame developers to set u...
Only a day after the Louisiana announced its incentives program for videogame developers to set up shop in the American state, the small European nation of the Isle of Man is launching its own efforts to attract interactive entertainment companies. The Isle of Man is offering technology grants to video game and other interactive entertainment developers, to provide companies with financial incentive to choose the island nation as a foothold for their European presence. Financial assistance from the Isle of Man's government could provide for up to 40% of a new office's facilities construction, building improvements, office equipment, and other costs, as well as up to 50% for employee training. Local technological infrastructure has also been improved over the last five years; the isle hosts Europe's first HSDPA 3G network, as well as 100 percent broadband coverage and free broadband access for both companies and individuals. ""Because of our state-of-the art telecommunications and networking infrastructure, The Isle of Man is one of the most advanced and progressive European locations available to companies," said Tim Craine, director of the Isle of Man's e-business efforts. More information on the Isle of Man, which is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the British Crown, not part of the United Kingdom, but a member of the British Commonwealth, is available on the country's official website.

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