Io Interactive's Jorgensen: Multiplayer Must Say Something To Stand Out

As Io Interactive's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days releases this week, IO Interactive studio head Nils Jorgensen contemplates the competitive shooter market in a new Gamas
As the studio's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days releases this week, developer Io Interactive studio head Nils Jorgensen contemplates the competitive shooter market in a new Gamasutra interview. "There are always different trends in the market, and right now there is a strong trend towards multiplayer," says Jorgensen. His team's solution to keeping up in a viciously-competitive genre: make sure that the game's multiplayer stands out, both thematically and gameplay-wise, from the competition. "It is a crowded space, and it's about making sure that you do something that's a different experience," he says. "With Kane & Lynch, we focused a lot on the multiplayer part, where we have the fragile alliance, where you can actually betray your friends and allies while you play, and that really gives you a new angle to multiplayer. I think we really tried to find a different angle so we have something unique to offer to the consumer." "I think the important thing is to make something that's not just the multiplayer where it's sort of capture-the-flag or just to tag each other but actually has unique content that has something to say because, otherwise, you'll never stand out," he cautions. "You'll never be really successful with it, I think" There's much more in the full interview, Io Style: 'We Just Want To Entertain People', in which Jorgensen goes into depth in the studio's process for developing original IP and shares why he thinks the studio has a talent for it.

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