Interplay Reports Q3 2004 Results, Revives Ballerium

Following well-publicized office closings, but with the corporate entity still limping along in s...
Following well-publicized office closings, but with the corporate entity still limping along in solvency, Interplay has reported a somewhat dismal third-quarter 2004 posting, with net revenue down to $900,000, from last year's $4.7 million over the same period. The primary reason for this net loss of $2.2 million was the lack of a single new game released in the last quarter, but the company also announced fresh development costs brought on by its new announcement, the funding of Israeli developer Majorem's PC MMO strategy title Ballerium. Though Ballerium was previously thought cancelled, Interplay's financial reports indicates that the Israeli online strategy game is currently in beta testing and due to be launched in summer 2005. An official statement from Majorem released separately commented: "Ballerium, a massively multiplayer strategy game has been on a closed beta for about a year, when funds run out and the company had to freeze its R&D. Now that further financing is reassured thanks to Interplay, Ballerium can be finalized and prepared for release." Interplay's own official comment came from Herve Caen, the company's Chairman and CEO: "This alliance with Majorem represents an important first step in executing the Company's strategy announced earlier this year to migrate to the massively multiplayer online gaming market, not only with our own properties like Fallout but also with third party content." However, the number of properties Interplay has left to leverage in the online space is decreasing, though: revenue generated during Q3 2004 was mainly drawn from the sale of its existing IP, including the rights to Fallout 3 and the Redneck Rampage and Hunter: The Reckoning franchises. It will likely be left to the company to try and pick up more third-party properties such as Ballerium to raise revenues and continue operations.

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