Interplay Annual Results Improve, But Company Still Sees Red

Interplay today reported operating results for fiscal 2000, revealing an improving picture for the company.
For the year, net revenues climbed slightly to $104.6 million, from $101.9 million in 1999. While the company continues to lose money, it trimmed its net loss for the year to $12.1 million ($0.45 per share), a vast improvement over the $32.8 million ($1.86 per share) the company posted in 1999. Net revenues by platform for the year were 74% from the PC, 14% from console, and 12% from OEM, royalty and licensing. Brian Fargo, the company's chairman and CEO, indicated that the slow PS2 rollout was partially to blame for Interplay's results. However, Interplay's CFO, Manuel Marrero, assured investors that the company has cut expenses, and said that the company's bottom line will benefit from lowered interest payments thanks to reorganized financing that Interplay also announced today. The company plans to release eight major console titles in 2001: six on the PS2 one on the Xbox, and one on the Gamecube. Among the biggest titles in its pipeline are Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, RLH, Galleon, Hunter, and Neverwinter Nights for the PC.

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