Intel, McDonalds Purchase In-Game Advertising For Sims Online

Electronic Arts announced a new online advertising agreement with Intel and McDonald's Corporation, in which the latter companies' products and brands will be inserted into EA's upcoming game, The Sims Online.
Intel's Pentium 4 processor-based computers will be featured in the game, letting players choose from a selection of virtual computers for their character. Use of a computer in the game can range from the art-imitating-life situation of having your character play games with friends, to opening a business such as a cyber cafe. As characters increase their use of their Pentium 4 processor-based virtual computers within the game, their logic and fun ratings will increase at a higher rate than if using the lower end, generic PCs. The Sims Online players will also be able to operate a McDonald's kiosk and earn a living. Eating at McDonald's will satisfy a character's hunger and fun needs; no indication was given as to whether frequent hamburger binges will affect the health of characters, however. Terms of the marketing deals were not disclosed.

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