InstantAction Web Console Expands To Mac Users With Open Beta

IAC and GarageGames' "web console" InstantAction launched its PC beta back in March, and is now expanding with a new open beta for Mac users. Through the web-based service, users can play GarageGames releases like Rokkitball, Marble Blast Online, Thin
IAC and GarageGames' "web console" InstantAction will have an open beta for Mac OS X users, who will be able to register and play GarageGames releases like Rokkitball, Marble Blast Online, Think Tanks and new FPS, Fallen Empire: Legions for free. The Mac version notably will add cross-compatibility between Mac and PC players -- InstantAction users will be able to interact on the service, join games and play against one another regardless of their operating system. InstantAction launched its PC beta back in March. InstantAction general manager Andy Yang has previously explained that the platform is an attempt to bring core gamers into the web space and provide more control over their entertainment and experience. It also hopes to reach third world markets where consoles will never penetrate, but where there's a "thirst for games." The Mac version of the service will require OS X 10.4.11 or later, and works with Intel-family chipsets only. Fallen Empire: Legions and Rokkitball requires either GeForce series 7 or 8, or Radeon HD or X1900 series. The InstantAction site also requires Safari 3, or Firefox versions 2 or later. "Mac gamers have always been underserved by the games industry," says Yang. "We plan to infuse the large Apple community with console quality games playable at work and at home through their laptops or desktops."

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