Infinium Labs Provides Trading Update

Somewhat troubled hardware and peripheral firm Infinium Labs, which recently announced its plans ...
Somewhat troubled hardware and peripheral firm Infinium Labs, which recently announced its plans to change the company name to Phantom Entertainment, has officially released a trading update revealing its upcoming plans for the Phantom Lapboard mouse/keyboard peripheral and the Phantom Gaming Service itself. According to Infinium, the company is moving forward with Itron Technology to manufacture the Phantom Lapboard, a combination keyboard/mouse peripheral designed to enhance video game play on PCs. Infinium will evaluate prototypes in June and July and "plans to proceed with manufacturing production in September to meet its October shipping date." The company is nearing agreements with worldwide companies to handle the logistics, warehousing/distribution, customer relations management and fulfillment services to support the marketing of the Phantom Lapboard in the U.S. and European markets. In addition, Infinium announced that it is "moving forward in development of the Phantom Game Service, anticipated to be the first end-to-end, on-demand game service for delivery to the living room", and "is engaged in discussions to license the Phantom Game Service technology to well-established manufacturers of PCs and digital home entertainment centers", but no date is specified for the hardware's launch. "We are on a fast pace crossing over the threshold of manufacturing and marketing our first product, the Phantom Lapboard," noted Greg Koler, Infinium Labs' President and CEO. "Everything is on schedule for first arrivals of the Phantom Lapboard this October in the US market."

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