Indie MMO Conference Opens Registration

The second annual conference for independent MMO game developers is now open for registration. The March 2008 event is slated to take place in Minneapolis.
Registration for the second annual Indie MMO Game Developer Conference has opened, conference organizers announced this week. The event, which will only admit 200 attendees, will have three tracks this year: design, development, and business. “Although IMGDC 1.0 was an incredible success that received a lot of praise from various organizations including, TenTonHammer, and others, we aimed to double everything for IMGDC 2.0,” conference founder Jonathon Stevens said in a press release. The event is tailored to budding professionals and hobbyist who make massively multiplayer online games, with a goal of connecting them to other professionals in the field over the course of the two-day conference. Conference officials have also released prices for attendance: $99 for individuals who register before November 15 and $149 thereafter. The Indie MMO Game Developer Conference 2.0 will take place March 29 and 30, 2008 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. For more on the event, please visit

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