IGS Video: Telltale On Episodic Gaming For Indies

Organizers are continuing to put key video lectures from the 2007 Independent Games Summit online, and Gamasutra has now posted the third lecture, with Dave Grossman & Kevin Bruner of Sam & Max: Season 1
The IGS organizers are continuing to put online key video lectures from the Independent Games Summit, the IGF-affiliated event that took place for the first time at Game Developers Conference 2007 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, on March 5th and 6th, 2007. (The Summit, created by the CMP Game Group, as is Gamasutra, is planned again for GDC in February 2008.) The video of the 2007 Independent Games Summit is being online "for free, in the spirit of sharing, and to help the indie community understand and better itself". The third IGS 2007 lecture to go up (following Matthew Wegner's physics games talk and Gastronaut's Small Arms Xbox Live Arcade postmortem) is Dave Grossman & Kevin Bruner of Sam & Max: Season 1 developers Telltale Games discussing 'Episodic Gaming For Indies' - including plenty of detail on the making of the popular episodic adventure game. There's a direct Google Video link for the lecture, plus a downloadable .MP4 version and an embedded version displayed below:

As the original session description from the lecture reads: "Telltale's CTO and design lead talk about their experiences as an indie developing the Sam & Max and Bone series as PC episodic titles, explaining what the company learnt and what other indies should know about the pros and cons of episodic gaming."

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