IGN Offers Free Online Game-Making Resources

IGN Entertainment has launched a new service for independent game developers and modders called ModCenter, which gives game creators both a space to connect and some tools for building their projects.
Earlier this month, IGN Entertainment launched a new online service for independent game developers and modders. Called ModCenter, the site offers game creators both a space to connect and some tools for building their projects for free. Built upon the SourceForge suite of tools, the main functionality ModCenter provides is project management. Users also have access to educational resources, a wiki, source code repositories, and document storage areas, and should expect to receive some promotional services advertisements. In a press release, Jamie Berger, senior vice president of consumer products and technology for IGN Entertainment said, “Mod and independent game development is becoming increasingly sophisticated, often involving team members from across the globe. With ModCenter, our aim is to provide these aspiring and game developers with sophisticated project management and development tools to support the creation and distribution of high-quality independent video games.” According to an official statement, ModCenter also plans to offer in the near future a series of tutorials, videos, and general articles from game industry developers. For more information visit

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